Australia: Cage of Death

In the very heart of Darwin, Australia, you can find Croccove, Australia's only crocodile dive. Don't worry, you're not thrown into the deep end with a 5m reptile that could break you in half, you placed into a cage and slowly submerged with it.


New Zealand: World of Wearable Arts

WOW came to life in my hometown, Nelson and since moved to the bigger stage. To visit this event would be to see what a little town can contribute to a big stage.

New Zealand: Visit Stewart Island

You know the North and the South Island, but have you ever put a name to the small dot of an Island at the bottom of New Zealand. That is Stewart Island, across the Foveaux Straight is the third biggest Island in New Zealand, less than 2,000 km2 it most certail isn't one of New Zealand's biggest attractions.

New Zealand: Hobbiton

As odd as it seems, not all Kiwi's live in Hobbit holes, and this particular Kiwi has yet to experience Hobbiton. Situated Matamata, in the North Island, the Lord of the Rings set has seen Tolkien and film fans alike flocking to New Zealand for years.

New Zealand: Swimming With Dolphins

Kaikoura, on the East Coast of the South Island, is know for it's marine wildlife. A hot spot for whale watching, seal colonies and everyone's favorite underwater mammal, dolphins. Swim with them, or watch from the boat, but it is a must do New Zealand experience.

Australia: Hold a Snake

This will be something I only do once willingly in my life, but when in Australia you drink from shoes and you hold snakes.

Australia: Climb Sydney Harbor Bridge

I'm not known for my interest in extreme sports, and 'adrenaline junkie' is not one of the terms my friends use when describing me, but I'd pretend long enough to see the view from the top of the Harbor Bridge in Sydney.

Australia: Visit Australia Zoo

Visit the beloved zoo in Queensland that was owned by the worlds favorite Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. Get up close and personal with some of the animals with the animal encounters the zoo offers, or stay safely behind barriers, but either way breathe in famed conservationists legacy.

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