USA: New Years in New York

I might just be a sucker for a party, and where better to celebrate the beginning of a new year (or end of one if you prefer) than the Big Apple? If you'll need me I'll be in Times Square.

Canada: Cross Country by Train

Candana is huge, and there is a lot of uninhabited space between cities and town. One of the best ways to see the country is by train, a must do for Canadian adventures.

USA: Stay at the Library Hotel, New York City

I'm not even sure how I found out about the Library Hotel, located on Maddison Avenue, but it's been on my bucket list about as long as New York has. The nerd in me would totally throw my money at a night at a book-themed luxury hotel. To be fair, I'd throw my money at a book-themes hostel, too.

Canada: Cross into the Arctic Circle

Put on your woollies, because this wish will see us traveling as north and north gets. Cross into the Arctic Circle is going to teach us a thing of two about the meaning of cold, but it'll all be worth the bragging points.

USA: Burning Man

Set up every year in Nevada, Burning Man is not a festival, but it rather described as 'a community'. The temporary city that encourages inclusions and the arts, getting its name from the ceremonial burning of 'The Man'.

USA: A Wedding in Vegas

There is something about attending a wedding in Vegas, Elvis pastor, and everything, that I've always wanted to see. If it's shotgun or not, at some point I want to gatecrash one. Maybe I've just watched one too Many Ashton Kutcher films.

USA: Mardi Gras

Let's head to the home of jazz and voodoo and let our hair down for Mardi Gras. Collect as many beads as possible and party the night away on Bourbon Street, preparing the give something up for Lent.

USA: Walk the Freedom Trail

The 2.5-mile trail through downtown Boston, passing through a number of significant historic sights, is a great way to see the city and get acquainted with some American History.

USA: Visit Forks, Washington

It must be the lingering Twilight nostalgia, but I want to see the town that contributed to my Vampire Frenzied teenage years. I'm more of a wolf girl than anything nowadays.

USA: Visit a Wolf Sanctuary

I've always been a dog person, and wolves are just natures ultimate dog. Visiting one of these sanctuaries anywhere in North America to admire the species is a must.

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