Vietnam: Sail Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is an iconic image of Vietnam, and all travelers Vietnam should try to see the bay filled with natural limestone pillars. Another popular option to see the is kayaking.

Photo by Manuel Joseph from Pexels
Photo by Manuel Joseph from Pexels

Japan: Hiroshima

Hiroshima and Nagasaki are famously known from World War II, when the USA dropped atomic bombs on them. It is a reminder of what we, as a civilization, are capable of, and to see it would be very sobering and a must see in Japan.

India: The Taj Mahal

We've all seen images of the famed Taj Mahal, but I've been told that it is more than the sight that you expect. I'm already preparing myself for crowds that would put the best parts of Europe to shame, and waiting until my hair turns grey for a clear photo.

China: Great Wall of China

If you can, or cannot, see this wall from space it doesn't much matter, it should be seen on earth, up close, below your feet. See how long you can get along the wall, between the crowds of tourist. If you get tired bring along a bodyguard to carry you...

Mongolia: Horseback Riding

Follow in the steps of Genghis Khan, minus the killing and pillaging, and join one of the nomadic herds in Mongolia. Explore the untouched country and witness their preserved way of life.

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