Uganda: Trek to see the Gorilla's

Uganda isn't the only place in Africa that you can see Gorilla's, but it is a popular destination. Seeing our primate cousins in their natural habitat is the perfect reward for a hike through the surrounding forests.

Mali: Visit Timbuktu

Before I looked into Mali and Timbuktu I really only wanted to visit here so I could tell people I've been to Timbuktu. I've since found out that Timbuktu is a UNESCO's World Heritage Site, and host an impressive collection of Islamic mosques.

Egypt: See the pyramids

Of all of the ancient structures in Egypt, the pyramids are the one that collectively fascinates us. Stories of mummies, booby-trapped champers and curses are just the peek of my expectations for this experience.

Madagascar: See the Lemurs

Lemurs are just one of the many unique animals and plants that can be found on this island. If the Lemurs aren't enough, how about the plants, 90% of which can't be found anywhere else in the world.

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