Meet Me

My name is Danii (two i's because you can never have enough vowels), and as it stands I identify myself as a traveler, writer, and a fangirl. I proudly call myself a Kiwi and am one of the thousands that have taken to the skies.



I have been to over 30 European countries in the two years that I spent living in the UK. When I'm not working you'll find me daydreaming about traveling or planning the next trek. Currently, I'm starting to travel more of my home country. You don't have to go far to travel. Sometimes it's nice to look at your own home with those traveler goggles on.



From Head Librarian to Co-Leader of the film club, and a small obsession with a vampire franchise that shall remain unnamed, I really stood no chance as the 'geek' phenomenon suddenly took over the world. At some point, you just need to embrace that you are geeky and then rock it like it's Fall fashion. I love books, film, and music, with a passion that is second only to travel.



A dyslexic girl wants to be a writer... no, it's not a joke, it just so happens to be the synopsis of my life. Ever since I was old enough to misspell my own name I knew that one day I wanted to see my overactive imagination set onto paper. Well, paper, film and online blog. I wanted to see my words making an impact the way others words have impacted me.

My Definition of Directionless

I am well aware that everyone thinks that they are the odd sort of unique, and you are. We all are. Odd is the very definition of human nature. At some point, a long time ago, one of our monkey forefathers was odd, and BOOM! Homo-sapiens were born into the world. Nice to think that our entire civilization was birthed into this world on the back of being different. I guess that is why it never seemed so bad to me, being different.

I believe this needs to be clarified because you don't particularly want to see the word 'directionless' on a travel site, do you? Travelling is about moving and if not forward, it's in a direction of some sort to arrive at some sort of destination. That is where the clarification ends. I wanted to be different.

I thought about naming my site 'destinationless', but it isn't technically a word, and I didn't want my legacy in this world to be a spelling error. I make those unwittingly enough as is, it seemed like a step backward doing it on purpose. Also, it didn't fit. I had a destination in mind, it was the journey getting there that was undetermined.

Directionless was born from a memory. A memory where I was so lost with the Venice sun turning my shoulders a shade of red that shouldn't be possible on human skin. It came from remembering the mixture of undesirable smells, sounds hidden behind sharp corners, and map that was long past discarded in exchange for my brazen stubbornness as I trudged contently through the streets not explored by the thousands of tourist huddled in the shadow of St Mark's Campanile. I was just walking, whilst technically lost, with no direction, yet filled with an unparalleled sense of what it meant to be a traveler.

That is what directionless is to me. The moments between destinations, when you're not going any particular way, but you find yourself and the real reason we travel. For those stories that only we can tell. For those memories, we will always cherish. For those miracles in life, we didn't go looking for or wishing after.

That's what directionless is to me.

Why Travelling?


Well, why not? Honestly, that's pretty much all it was. Well, not all.

My travel story started with a bad day at work. You see, I have a terrible temper. You wouldn't know it because I could smile and giggle through a hurricane, but this one particular day I came home from work so furious that no amount of Top Gear could cure. Whilst Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May bickered onscreen I found myself getting deeper and deeper into the deepest parts of the world wide web. Next thing I know I'm paying a $500 deposit to a company that helps set you up with a live-in pub job in the UK.

No one was more surprised then I was. Or my Mother, when she came home and I told her I was moving to the other side of the world. The next bad day I had at work, I remember it well because I'd just been to the doctors, I booked my one-way ticket.

In May 2015 I moved to the UK. A 20-year-old girl that had never lived away from home and suffered from acute social anxiety moved to a small country pub in Worcestershire.

The rest, as we say, is history.

Fact Sheet

Age: 22

Country of Birth: New Zealand

Favorite Country: Scotland

Favorite City: Edinburgh and Budapest

Favorite Color: I know it's technically a shade, but black.

Favorite Song: At the moment, Pride by American Authors. Of all time, I'm Going Slightly Mad by Queen

Favorite Food: Do I sound like a millennial if I say Avocados?

Coffee Order: Large (Bigger the Better) Americano to take away (less likely of smashing a cup that way).

Favorite Movie: The Lion King

Favorite Book: You can't make me chose. I won't chose.

Dream Job: Professional Lotto Winner

Hidden Talent: No point hiding talents. All mine are out in the open. Not impressed? Me neither.

Why the two 'i's'?: I like to tell people it's because I'm a narcissist, but to be honest it's because vowels are awesome. Consonants outnumber them, yet vowels rule the alphabet. I love an underdog.

What Next

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